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Alex Nikiforov is the Senior Partner at Grow Finance. He builds smart UX Design teams and designs powerful, market-leading digital products and services for the financial institutions.
Senior Partner at Grow Finance—Top 1 of the fastest growing companies in Australia
Education · In Progress
Design Director at WidrPay—Leader of the payment solutions for the French Legal market
Independent User Experience and Design Operations partner
FinTech UX Design
Full end-to-end digital FinTech product design, for banking and non-banking orgs, and startups: from UX research and testing to the high-fidelity solutions
Digital Transformation
Integration of technologies and strategies to deliver value to the finance function, reducing costs, risk management, processes automation
Financial Services Producing
Management or collaboration with software delivery teams, producing digital solutions implementation, development FinTech software from an MVP to full-scale products
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner by IBM
Featured Course
Strategic Management of Innovation by HEC Paris
Featured Course
Emotional Design — How to Make Products People Will Love by IDF
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Together, we build the next big thing in FinTech, make a digital transformation of your cash flow processes, or improve your financial product to make people love it. Let's discuss your ideas to define a solution based on your business priorities to design better processes, products and financial services.
Featured Projects
Widr Pay - SaaS, Payments management software
Widr Pay · #1 payments management software for the French legal market
Digital product design from an MVP to the full-scale solution, dev team building, SDLC processes and strategies implementation
Avito Auto - Qualitative research, Competitors analysis, User interviews, Usability testing, JTBD, CJM
Avito Auto · The second biggest classifieds site in the world with more than 10.3 million unique daily visitors
UX Research, collaboration with Avito's in-house UX team, further research strategy conception
Cinderblock - SaaS, Project management software, Collaboration solutions
Cinderblock · The most user-friendly job management software in the USA
Cash flow services and payment management features design and implementation control
Chrg Network - Navigation, Payment tools, Early stage startup
Chrg Network · The product that helps to monetize and utilize electric charging stations
UX and digital product design of the early stage startup MVP and its monetization features
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Member of The DLF - advancing the practice of design leadership
Member of American Institute of Graphic Arts, a professional organization for design
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Senior Design Judge at CSS Design Awards
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